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As the commercial brand manager of the University’s indicia, the Licensing Department authorizes various companies to design, manufacture and distribute quality emblematic products.

Companies authorized to use University trademarks on its products or in connection with its services will participate under the direction of the Licensing Department in one or more of the following programs based primarily on the intended channel of product distribution:

National License

A National License allows companies to use University trademarks and sell branded products to designated retail channels throughout the United States. Applications for this National License are processed by the University’s agent, Fanatics Licensing Management. All National License requests are considered by the University’s Licensing Department.

Learn how to apply for a National Retail License.

Campus License

Richard Helfand – Campus Cards & Prints

A Campus License allows companies to use University trademarks and sells goods exclusively to University retail outlets, including the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore. Companies requesting a Campus License may be required to establish a “vendor” relationship with Barnes & Noble College, the management company for retail operations of Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore, Varsity Shop, and souvenir concessions. Other campus retail operations include the Pro Shop at Warren Golf Course and the LaFortune Student Center Shop. Applications for Campus Licenses are processed by Fanatics Licensing Management.

Learn how to apply for a Campus Retail License.

Internal Vendor License

A limited number of Internal Vendor agreements covering the internal purchase of products (not for resale) bearing University trademarks and the names and trademarks of individual Notre Dame schools, colleges, programs, and recognized campus organizations will be granted by the Licensing Department. New Internal Vendor agreements are considered only when companies offer products that are not readily available by a current Internal Vendor.

To apply for an Internal Vendor License, please visit the Fanatics Licensing Management website.