Student Requests

Student Requests

Are you in a Notre Dame student organization? Are you wanting to order product for your organization, event or project that bears Notre Dame logos or trademarks? Here’s everything you need to know! If you don’t see the information you need here, be sure to check the Student Request FAQ.

We recommend starting the design and approval process at least a month before your event or project date.

Follow these steps to successfully order product:

  1. Choose a vendor. Your product must be produced by a vendor that is licensed by the University of Notre Dame. You may choose from our list of Internal Vendors.* Contact the vendor and make sure they can produce the product you are interested in. Often times, they can assist you in creating artwork as well. Don't forget to ask if more sustainable product options are available.
  2. Create your artwork. Keep in mind – all of your artwork must be approved by Student Activities and the Licensing Department. Before getting started, read our Artwork Do’s and Don’ts. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  3. Submit your artwork for approval. Submit your artwork through SAO360. Student Activities and the Licensing Department will both review your submission. If there are questions or requests for re-design, they will appear in the SAO360 portal.
  4. Your order is placed. Once the artwork is approved through SAO360, Student Activities will forward the artwork to the Internal Vendor and they will begin production. 
  5. Ongoing artwork approval. You need to submit the artwork through SAO360 any time you want to order product, even if you are re-ordering a previously approved item.

*If you have trouble finding an Internal Vendor that is able to source the product, please contact us. If at all possible, we will help you find a licensed retail vendor that can produce the product.