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Notre Dame Wall Hangings

MISSION To support the University of Notre Dame through the implementation of a sound branding strategy that protects, maintains and expands Notre Dame’s recognition as a premier Catholic institution of higher education, emphasizing excellence and supporting the University’s mission, values and goals.

VISION To create a culture that encourages and rewards licensees to elevate their market share, evolve their business practices to include a strong commitment to issues of sustainability and fair labor, while expanding the sale and distribution of licensed Notre Dame products. Regardless of revenue generation, the Notre Dame Licensing program will be viewed as a top collegiate program in the USA.



Change the licensing paradigm by shifting from enforcement to brand strategy – set direction and expectations for licensees and hold them accountable for performance. Proactive vs. reactive licensing program with product category management strategy.




Integrate brand building activities – licensing/licensees, athletics, alumni, bookstore. Internal partnerships on campus; external partnerships with key licensees and national retail accounts in developing product lines and retail programs.




Move the Notre Dame brand to the national forefront through strategic leadership in the collegiate licensing industry.