Artwork Do's and Don'ts


  • Include the University department name, sponsor logo, or event name (if applicable) on all items.
  • Use the proper trademark designations (i.e. ® or ™). This includes the Notre Dame logos, marks and word marks (e.g. "Notre Dame"). You can find all of our registered trademarks on our Official Logo Sheet.
  • If you are using the Notre Dame brand in conjunction with a third party's brand, you must first obtain permission from Notre Dame Licensing, then also receive permission from the third party.
  • Submit all artwork for approval to prior to production.
  • Plan ahead: for most vendors and products, you must have artwork approved about 2 weeks before you need the product in-hand (not including shipping time). We recommend starting the approval process at least a month in advance.


Do not alter trademarks

  • DON'T alter any of the University's trademarks.
  • DON'T create a caricature of the leprechaun or other Notre Dame trademarks.
  • DON'T include registered trademarks for other businesses, events or locations without the permission of Notre Dame Licensing and that business, event or location.
  • DON'T use the University's brand on any products that may be harmful to the image or mission of Notre Dame.
  • DON'T use designs that are confusingly similar to the registered trademarks or copyrights of other brands.
  • DON'T obstruct an image of the Dome (with text, other trademarks, etc.).

This list is provided as a guideline for creating artwork. This is not a comprehensive list of everything you should and should not do. Please contact us if you have specific questions about your artwork.